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Hypebeast x RENÉE

Our first capsule collaboration with Hypebeast sponsored by Gusher's Black Voices Create was our first attempt at unisex clothing and sustainability.

Each piece was created with 100% recycled or dead stock material, easily removable hardware, and recyclable trims. Check it out here! Hypebeast Feature

  • Eco-Production

    We source our materials from a variety of eco-conscious suppliers. These sources manufacturers specializing in sustainable materials, small production houses, and even recycled and deadstock.

  • Brand Values

    Renée's sustainability and social responsibility initiatives are at the core of our brand's identity. We prioritize sustainable sourcing, manufacturing practices, eco-friendly packaging, and waste reduction in our production processes.

  • Creative Innovation

    As a Ready-To-Wear brand, we are inspired utilize what's around us, whether its hair, toys, or unconventional materials! We aim to push the boundaries of fashion and translate nostalgia into wearable pieces.

What's Coming Next

As our brand expands, there are a few goals at the top of our wishlist:

- Transparency NFC chips in all garments to track our sustainable initiatives

- Carbon footprint tracking for all garments

- Live sustainability data tracking on our site

- Innovative sustainable fabrics and trims collaborations with emerging factories

Share where you want to see improvement!