Roots and Restlessness

Renée [ ruh-ney; French ruh-ney ] 

 My middle name.

Nickname for the late Roman name “Retanus,” which translates to “reborn” or

“born again.” Suggestion: characterized by that who is full of life.

Started by Camryn McClain at the salon chair of her mother and grandfather's

cosmetology school. Showcasing what started with a personal collection that

encompassed her love of fashion, function and storytelling.

The collections are centered around culture, color, and form. The brand

color, Cobalt blue, matches the logo of the designer's family

business, "Dudley Beauty". Using sustainable and ethical practices we create with

natural, recycled, and dead stock materials. 

 Join us in making a positive impact on the environment while embracing cultural

connections within a diverse Community.


Hi, I'm Camryn

I connect core memories with fashion by incorporating vibrant color, intricate structure, and playing with fun and exciting fabrications. Inspired by my own experiences and culture I design with expressive color palettes usually stemming from childhood, culture, or art. Using sustainable and smart design, my goal is to bridge luxury ready-to-wear with human connection and cultural influence.

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